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The FORaMEAL project is ideal for schools and universities wanting to make a difference. Our Volunteer Program is structured in such as a way that the students become the leaders in every aspect of the partnership from: building awareness, to fundraising, to packing and reporting. The entire program can be tailored to suit the size of our partner schools and universities. The length of the program can vary from between two weeks to 6 months. 

We follow a simple 4 stage process aimed at helping our partner school foster a strong sense of leadership and community spirit (note that these steps can be tailored and adjusted to suit the needs of our partner schools and universities):

1. Awareness and Education

2. Fundraising

3. Packing

4. Distribution and reporting. 

Please note that we are unable to provide packing events during the COVID-19 restrictions period. 

Packing days with schools will resume from Term 1 in 2022 (COVID Safety Plans will be implemented in accordance with school policies & regulations).

1. Awareness

This process involves brief the student leadership team on the 5Ws of the FORaMEAL project. The objective is to help the team further understand and appreciate why FORaMEAL is an important initiative.

2. Fundraising

The student leadership body will coordinate the fundraising activity at school. The funds raised will go directly into the FORaMEAL packs: buying the grains and vitamins/minerals as well as the packaging. Schools and Universities are able to place their logo on each FORaMEAL pack, subjected to minimum prints requirements and/or logistic constraints.

3. Packing Day(s)

This is where the students will have hand on experience working collaboratively to pack FORaMEAL packs. Competition and leaderboards can be setup between various Year Level and/or Houses.

4. Distribution and Reporting

Once the packing day is completed. We will provide the leadership team with data and pictures for the team to create into either a handout/brochure or video for distribution. Further a report will be prepared for the school/university for record keeping and accountability.

FORaMEAL x Swinburne x Strathcona

We cannot do this alone

> Accountability

> Efficiency

> Transparency

The FORaMEAL project relies heavily on the support of partner schools and universities for fundraising as well as packing. A great example is the FORaMEAL x Swinburne University partnership.

In May of each year, students from Swinburne University are encouraged to participiate in the National Volunteer Week. In 2019, Swinburne University hosted a packday with hundreds of its students with the FORaMEAL team. Students were asked to volunteer 30mins of time between classes to assist in the packing process. In just 3 hours, over 20,000 meals were packed. 

Strathcona Girls Grammar partnered with the Rotary Club of Canterbury to pack 18,000 meals for the FORaMEAL project. 

The Year 9 student leadership team worked tirelessly to drive awareness on the issue of disaster relief amongst their peers. Afterwhich multiple fundraising activities, such as bake sales, were held to raise monies for the FORaMEAL pack. This then culminated in the packing day where the year 9 packed 18,000 meals over 1/2 day. 

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Please write or call us with your request! Please address your message to Mr. Kevin Xiao and/or Ms. Valerie Cunniffe. 

PO Box 314 Canterbury VIC 3126
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