FORaMEAL - A Rotary Club of Canterbury Initiative

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Rotary Club of Canterbury

Our History

The Rotary Club of Canterbury have been serving our local & international communities since 1987. We have an active social and project program. Our members love being part of our Club and enjoy participating in all our activities.

Rotary’s main aim is giving to the community, in the workplace, and supporting those in need in our home country and throughout the world. The magic of Rotary is that it allows ordinary people to achieve the most extraordinary things. By using the powerful synergy of one, people unite to achieve exceptional global change. Many ordinary member of Rotary have developed projects that have brought significant change to the world. We participate in local and international projects such as travelling to Philippines to screen locals for cataracts and other eye conditions, sponsoring local community health education, helping vulnerable individuals and families through our FORaMEAL project as well as helping our mates in country Victoria. 


— Our Mission

To be givers in the community through our projects, our impact and most importantly our people. 


— Our Vision

To be a club passionate about making a difference. 


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#ForaMEAL - Our Project History

Our Lucky Country

Australia is one of the luckiest countries in the world. We consistently rank in the top 5 in almost all social and economic measures from food security to health care, from political stability to economic opportunities. 

Our Club wanted to share our blessings by serving others in the Asia Pacific Region. This was the genesis of two major projects: 

  1. Philippines Medical Missions
  2. Emergency Food Relief – FORaMEAL

Service above self

For the past 23 years, approximately 20 volunteers from our Club have been travelling to islands in the Philippines to conduct medical missions. 

We partner with LaTrobe University, the Cataract Foundation of the Philippines, the Visayas Hearing Centre and the local Rotary Clubs to conduct sight and hearing tests as well as performing cataract surgeries to restore sight.

One of the common needs, identified through our contacts with the many sister Rotary Clubs we worked with in the Philippines, is their need for assistance after the frequent devastating typhoons and earthquakes in that country. We also witness significant malnutrition, particularly in the children of the poor villages that we visit. 

Thus the Club decided in 2016 to begin the project FORaMEAL – to provide emergency meal packets during times of disaster. 

FORaMEAL - a Rotary Club of Canterbury Initiative

Our Club President for 2016-17, Dr. Doug Hawley OAM, together with the support from the Club decided to initiate the FORaMEAL project -an initiative to help provide emergency relief meals for those impacted by natural disasters. Each year over 150,000 meals are provided free to charge to vulnerable individuals and families across the Asia Pacific region in times of disaster. 

This year, the Rotary Club of Canterbury decided to redirect part of our FORaMEAL effect to help the most vulnerable in the Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne. Our aim simple – to provide 100,000 nutritious meals to Melbournians who are at risk of hunger.