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United we stand, divided we fall

Our Team for COVID-19

We are the COVID-19 FORaMEAL Leadership Team 

Dr. Douglas Hawley OAM

FORaMEAL Founder

Dr. Doug Hawley OAM founded the project in 2016 with the aim of providing disaster relief for those most in need. Having seen the first hand devastation caused by natural disasters, Doug applied his knowledge as a biochemist to create an emergency meal pack that is both nutritious and versatile. After numerous iterations and ongoing testing, the FORaMEAL pack was born – a balanced and nutritious meal packed with energy and proteins together with a formulated sachet of important vitamins and minerals. To this day, Doug continues to personally oversee the manufacturing and quality control of all the FORaMEAL meal packs. 

Should you have any nutritional and community partnership  enquiries please contact Dr. Hawley at: doug.hawley@forameal.org

Ms. Valerie Cunniffe

Project Leader

Val is FORaMEAL’s Project Leader and Champion. Her leadership has been instrumental in the project’s success. Val’s passion and resolve in assisting those in need is both an inspiration to her team as well as those involved in the FORaMEAL project. Val’s persistence and dedication has meant that the FORaMEAL project is well positioned to scale from the current 150,000 meals per year to well over 250,000 meals in the next 2-3 years. 

Should you have any sponsorship or governance enquiries please contact Val at valerie.cunniffe@forameal.org

Mr. Kevin Xiao

Schools & Community

Kevin plays a crucial role in coordinating and managing the distribution partners and volunteers who are working tirelessly to get the FORaMEAL packs to vulnerable families and individuals. Through his multicultural background and strong community links, the FORaMEAL packs were to reach many of those who may not actively seek government assistance and support during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Should you have any volunteer or corporate partnership enquiries please contact Kevin at kevin.xiao@forameal.org

Ms. Lilianne Kriegler

Media Coordinator

Lilianne has been a strong supporter of FORaMEAL since its inception 5 years ago. As a Past President of the Rotary Club of Canterbury, Lilianne brings both experience and knowledge to her role as the media and communications coordinator for the FORaMEAL project. Despite the simplicity of the FORaMEAL meal packs, Lilianne believes that its impact, especially on those vulnerable individual and families in times of hardship and crisis, is profound.  

Should you have any media and communications enquiries please contact Lilianne at: lilianne.kriegler@forameal.org

Ms. Cathie Macmillan

President (Canterbury)

Cathie is the 2021-2022 President of the Rotary Club of Canterbury and a vocal supporter of the FORaMEAL project. Cathie also has a passion for Rotary. She grew up in a Rotary family. She was a Charter Member of the RC of Boroondara from 2002 – 2016 then transferred to RC of Canterbury in 2016. She is looking forward to leading the club and working with club members to further expand the FORaMEAL project. 

Should you have any media or Rotary related enquiries please contact Cathie at cathie.macmillan@canterburyrotary.org



— We focus on nutrition

As a biochemist, Dr. Doug Hawley designed and formulated the FORaMEAL packs to include a balance and nutritious blend of carbohydrates, important fats and proteins together with a sachet of essential vitamins and minerals


— We fund every meal

97% of every dollar we raise for the FORaMEAL project goes into the producing, packaging and delivering the meal itself. Everyone on the FORaMEAL project volunteer their time, experience and expertise to this cause. 

2.5% + GST is paid to Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd. (RAWCS) for administering the donations. 


— We locally source every meal

We use the money we raise and the in-kind donations we receive to purchase the three core ingredients – oats, lentils and rice, together with essential vitamins and minerals as required. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Major Sponsors in donating core ingredients in our FORaMEAL packs. 


— We pack every meal

Each year, volunteers from across the Rotary network produce, seal and box approximately 150,000 meals for distribution. 


— We donate every meal

In the past, the meals packed have been sent
abroad to vulnerable communities in S.E.Asia. This year our focus is also helping vulnerable families during the VOVID-19 crisis.


— We build community & trust

In addition to the FORaMEAL packs, the project offers us the opportunity to strengthen community trust, mutual understanding and the Aussie Spirit of Mateship. All our sponsors, volunteers and the FORaMEAL team feel just as blessed as those who receive the FORaMEAL packs.